Based in COLDWATER, MI. Weddings, engagements, portraits, newborn, Grow with me, children, family, generations, seniors, graduation, indoor studio, outdoor locations, events, prom, and dances are available photography options at Mama's Moment Photography. We do our best to showcase your personality and personal style in your photos and showcase the moment for mama. We provide photography, prints, canvas, photo gifts, and more. Pictures are a great gift for anyone especially mom. Always Be You at Mama's moment!

Lisa LaFountain is the main photographer for Mama's Moment photography, designer of the templates available, and author of blog post for Mama's Moment blog. Lisa is a single mother recently divorced and getting a fresh start being her own boss. Photography is a wonderful creative expression that showcases each person's individual uniqueness. This is what drives Lisa to share her love of photography with you as well as share her story through the blog. Every person should know their own value and remember to Always Be You! Each and every person has many special qualities to offer and that is what makes us each unique. Those qualities should be celebrated! You are invited to come along with me on this journey of healing, self discovery, business ownership, single parenthood, and anything else life throws my way. We look forward to sharing photos, design, stories, life experience and learning with all of you!